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Real life images.

The story that nature tells in the stillness of the landscape, the greatness of the ocean and the journey of the seasons.

If you have ever been delighted by the beautiful vista that nature offers, remembered the colors and essence of an ancient town, or felt the serenity of just a simple walk in the woods, then my art is for you. My paintings and photographs are alive with the vibrant colors, textures and scenes of life that tell a story. I will initially capture the beauty with my trusty Nikon DSLR in hand. Then using some of my photographs as inspiration I will create compositions in oil or pastel paintings to bring the story to life in a new way. Each painting becomes a journey back to that moment I recorded with my lens. My ultimate success comes when you the viewer share your own unique response to the story.

"Art is not what you see....but what you make others see."

Edgar Degas

From an early age I began to go beyond coloring and ventured into drawing and painting. The moment I uncapped my first tube of oil paint and squeezed out that brilliant buttery hue, I knew I was about to embark on an artistic journey. My natural ability was nurtured by my loving and talented parents. They were not only lovers of art, music and the beauty of life, but were artists in their own right. My Mom was a soprano singer, fiber artist and poet; my Dad was a builder, stained glass artist and photographer. When I was introduced to my own camera, I discovered looking through the lens that art is everywhere and the space around us has many stories to tell.

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