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hat inspires me?

As a painter and photographer I truly feel that my inspiration is limitless. From right outside my door to far away places.


Nature's story of lush green forests. Flora and fauna alive with buzzing creatures. Our majestic oceans. The skies filled with a Symphany of singing birds big and small.


Most inspiring is our journey through the seasons. Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall. Whether I'm painting the light with my camera or with oil on canvas, capturing the beauty, feeling the connection with nature brings me big moments of happiness.

From an early age I went beyond coloring and ventured into drawing and painting. From the moment my first tube of oil paint brought forth that brilliant buttery hue, I knew my journey of artistic discovery was about to begin. My parents influenced and nurtured this newfound path, as they too were creatives who possessed many talents. I spent memorable times sketching with my mom and observing moments in 35mm format through my father's camera viewfinder. These moments stick with me as inspiration in my own work today.

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"If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere."

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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